Student Created Videos

1 Don’t Text and Drive by Kelly P., Kevin R., Erin L., Beccalyn D. and guest starring Sarah C.

2 FB Predator by Luke T., Caleb L., Alex J. and guest starring teacher Mr. Nathan Morris.

3 Watch What You Post on Facebook by Matthew E., Tyler B., Vinny O. and Kelley D..

4. Pledges Against Bulling

5.  Pledge Against Bulling Part Two


Movie about Social Media

“the facebook obsession”  Available here for free. A balanced look at the positives and negatives of Facebook.


New Videos from Youtubes Safety Center

Scams and Phishing.  Grades 2-12  or

Detecting Lies and Staying True - Media Literacy and Citizenship. Grades 3-12 or

Staying Safe Online.  Kid Friendly Grades 2-12 or

Staying Safe on Youtube.  Grades 3-12 or

Safety Videos : Cyberbullying a 1 minute video. :  A young lady post’s her picture on the internet.  31 Seconds. :  A variety of safety videos for students. :  Videos for Teens, covering a variety of online safety issues. : Scary Internet Chase Video/Preditor Video  These videos are free, even though it may not be indicated. 2nd-7th Grades.  Four Videos for teenagers from  Real life stories about cyber safety issues.

Cyberbullying by I Keep and Comcast:  True stories of cyberbullying and consequences called “Student Voices.”  Approximately 40 minutes. Don’t Give Out Passwords by student6 student6

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  • admin


    I use this video in parts. The 5th – 8th grades can watch the whole video. 2-4th Grades, I only show the first half to show the children what not to do.

    We watch the 1st half and then we watch it a second time to pick out what information the child is sharing that is inappropriate. Hope that helps.

  • jclosekenyon

    I watched your first video and wondered what age group you think it appropriate for. (Internet Safety: You Tube at top of page)

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