For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.  ~Eleanor Everet

6 current lessons for Professional Development




Educate your students and teachers about Cyberbullying.

“The Complete” Care Package to teach Internet Safety.

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In United States, we have 76 million minor’s ages 0-17 and approximately 50 million k-12 students (Link).  According to a 2009 Harvard study (Link),  Cyberbullying is the most important internet safety issue to address within our classrooms. Depending on which survey you believe, between 4%-43% of all students are cyberbullied and 73% of the perpetrators are minors, in other words, our own students are the primary problem!  How do we correct the problem?  Click on “The Complete Care Package to teach Internet Safety.”


Scareware, a short story.


Facebook stores up to 800 pages

of personal data per user account


Facebook- 7.5 Million Underage Users

5 Million Under 10yrs  Read More

Vermont’s Internet Safety Presentation for Administrators/Educators/Students

Adopt a Page on this website!

Contribute to the education of our students!


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